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The historic vessels that have passed though the boatshed over the years all have their own story to tell. 
Each one has been involved in many lives, some working, some pleasure, all loved for what they brought to their owners.
Sadly over time their fortunes changed and their were laid aside, then overlooked.
We have been able to see pass the tired timbers and can see their futures.
Once they are restored and returned to the water, new owners proudly care for them once again.


At a very early age I was to be found in the old boat shed along the quay hoping the old shipwrights would need a hand.
They were men of few words and woe behold if you didn't quickly figure out the what the grunts and mumbles meant and which tool needed passing.
I quickly picked up their tricks of the trade and a passion of old boats developed. There was always a way to keep them afloat.
However, there was a heathy industry in building wooden clinker boats back then so restoring one was unheard of. They scratched their heads when I did,


I am a firm believer that we are the caretakers of an object from the past.
Any that comes into our possession over time we must remember that we are passing through its life.
With this always in mind it is with care and passion that any restoration and rebuild is undertaken.
Many of the restored vessels are Heritage Work Boats from the communities of the long Essex Coast. Built to carry produce such oysters and sprats from the Stowboater to the shore for packing.
To take an ancient vessel and bring back to life is a real honour

The Passion: Skills
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